Relaxed Machinery – Welcome!

.: Relaxed Machinery – Welcome!

Welcome to the first of a series posts about the creation and set up of Relaxed Machinery – a new label focusing on organic ambient and techno.  This will be a small label focusing on a few releases per year from artists I admire.   I plan to make the releases “special” by working with the artists to provide extra downloadable content – larger artwork, photos, press releases, wallpapers.  Something more than the little thumbnail that appears in your iPod or mp3 player.

The releases will be available through all the major download providers such as CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and Rhapsody.  For those that prefer a physical product, I’ve contracted with Hypnos in Portland, OR to make CDR versions of Relaxed Machinery albums available in their store.  The CDR will have a printed booklet and uncompressed audio.

.: The artists get 100%

What makes Relaxed Machinery so different?  I’ve set up the financial end of Relaxed Machinery to be totally non-profit for me.  The artists directly upload their album to CD Baby themselves – and they keep 100% of the money they receive back from all digital sales through CD Baby or iTunes or Amazon, etc…  

Why did I do this?  I really don’t want to be an accountant.  It’s as simple as that.   I co-owned AtmoWorks music for well over a year and that was one job that I just didn’t enjoy every quarter – sorting out all the sales, doing the calculations, figuring out who owes who what. 

.: What’s next?

Over the coming weeks leading up to our first release on 1/11/10, which is Steve Brand’s “Circular Scriptures”.  I’ll be talking about who I am, why I’m doing this, how Steve Brand and I (well, mostly Steve…) developed the artwork for the Relaxed Machinery logo and album.   I’ll also discuss the various decisions that have to be made when starting up a new label.

Steve will also be blogging regularly.  

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again!

John Koch-Northrup
Relaxed Machinery
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.: Launching in January 2010 :.