First Release, Working with Steve, Who Am I?

.: First Release and working with Steve Brand

I’m very happy to be able to release a new album by Steve Brand called “Circular Scriptures”.  The release date is set for 1/11/10.   Steve has released many albums under his own name, and earlier in his career under the name Augur.  I met Steve while working with AtmoWorks… his music blew me away and his art did as well.  Eventually Steve helped redesign the branding for AtmoWorks and created the album art template that’s currently in use for most AtmoWorks albums. 

I knew I wanted to work with Steve from the beginning with the new label.   He agreed to start working with me on a logo which then developed into further branding and templates for album art and press releases.   I feel we’ve made a good team on the artwork.  It’s truly a pleasure to work with him.

But most importantly for this first release – I love his music.   And “Circular Scriptures” is no exception!  I’ve listened to it countless times and it holds up on repeat listens (why would I be releasing it if it didn’t?).  Of course we’ll be posting samples and sneak peeks of the album art and all that as we get closer to relase.

.: Who the heck am I?

Really I’m just your average music nut.  I love all kinds of music.   I was the type of kid in high school that loved to spend an afternoon going through records in a used record shop – and made special trips to Chicago or St. Louis to find records that weren’t available in central Illinois.  (yes yes, vinyl records…) 

I started learning piano from my grandma when I was 5 – and I have a natural talent for playing and writing.  I played trumpet and piano through school in concert and jazz bands.  I wrote my piano solos for state contests in high school.  Student band director – yeah – I was a major band geek.  I started playing gigs in bar bands when I was 15 – synth for the first few years and then I switched to playing bass guitar.

I’ve recorded my solo electronic and acoustic (and mixed) music since about 1983 – although if I pull those tapes out they’re fairly hilarious… 🙂   I’ve released my solo music on cassette locally – and around 2000 started releasing as “Interstitial”.  I’ve been lucky enough to have had full releases or tracks on albums released by the following labels:  The Foundry, AtmoWorks, Red Antenna, Saasfee*, and Hypnos/Binary.   I’ve been on a long break from recording for the last few years.

I’ve helped several labels behind the scenes since about 1998 – usually with their websites or technical questions and a bit with promotion when I loved the albums.   I also was one of the three co-owners of AtmoWorks music from February 2008 to June 2009. 

As far as non-music stuff… I’ve been an IT guy specializing mainly in data for way too many years.   Happily – I do love what I do.  I have the best most supporting wife a person could ever want.   I’m amazed at how lucky I am.

So that’s enough about me for now!   Next up I’ll talk about some of the ideas behind starting up the label the way I have.