The artists get 100%?!

Relaxed Machinery is set up in a fairly unique way.  As the label owner, I don’t actually “make” anything.  The artist pays for their release, and in turn, gets 100% of their sales.  In fact, I never see any of it.

Why?  There are a lot of key reasons.  One is, of course, I love the artist’s music and want to see them get something back for their talent and hard work in putting an album together.   Another reason is today’s technology allows me to do this.   And yet another is I don’t really want to be an accountant.  I didn’t enjoy sorting out all the sales at AtmoWorks while I was co-owner.  It takes a lot of time and energy that I could be using somewhere else!

Most of the artists reading this already understand that the music business has dramatically changed many times over the last decade or so.  Listener’s have migrated to easily portable mp3 players with large collections of artists and albums in their pockets – labels keep getting smaller and smaller.  The ability to put an album out on the internet ranges from totally free netlabels, to getting their music into iTunes, and other services, to full blown manufactured cd’s. 

I decided to focus Relaxed Machinery on what truly matters to me.  Make it possible for artists who I enjoy working with and who write music that moves me – to have a label to release through that will support them and promote them.   I take care of the websites and the overall vision – I make contacts with reviewers and broadcasters – I distribute the press releases out there.   The artist pays for their release through CD Baby – which makes their albums available at such very common sites like CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, etc…  and they then get 100% of the profits back.   I don’t want to see a dime from their release.

What’s in it for me?   I enjoy this!  Working on the websites hones my IT skills, working on the albums and promo latches into my creativity, working with the artists – I just love that.   And in the end, if Relaxed Machinery is successful, the artists are successful – and I’m one of the artists!

Thanks for reading! And if you have any questions or comments… just type them in below!


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