“the machines are relaxing”

The factory building stood in stark silhouette against the slowly darkening sky.  Oddly the building seems serene.  There’s no trepidation in your footsteps as you approach the entrance and go in.   You flip the large electric throw switch and hear generators in the distance whir and hum to life.  The lights slowly bring the hallways out of darkness… a pale yellow, faintly flickering light.  

The factory floor is filled with machines of every sort.   What kind of factory was this?   Humming, buzzing, clicking, water dripping, lights slowly blinking from various areas of the factory.   The machines aren’t fully on, but they’re not shut down totally.   It’s as if they’re resting, waiting for when they are needed again.

In one area giant metal tubs are stacked, each labeled with a faded gear wheel.  Forklifts clearly moved these from place to place, holding whatever products were built here.   You continue your journey through the old factory.  But is it old?  It seems in oddly good condition.  A doorway leads to a stairway and several flights down. 

Lots of rooms down here.  Offices, desks, lamps, charts, diagrams – all neat and orderly.  A door at the end of the hall seems the most interesting… a sign above it reads:  .: file archives 

Inside is row after row of file cabinets.  Picking one at random you pull out a file – once again seeing the large gear wheel printed on the file folder that you saw in the factory on the tubs.   Opening the folder you find neatly typed – File # rM_00001 .: Steve Brand .: Circular Scriptures … a computer screen at the far end of the room catches your eye… on it is a list of file #’s…   rM_00001, rM_00002, rM_00003.    You select the file for Steve Brand and music begins to play…