organic .: ambient :. techno

I’ve chosen “organic .: ambient :. techno” as a short concise description (or tagline) for Relaxed Machinery.  What does that mean to me?

“organic” – This brings a feeling of being made from scratch and isn’t full of extraneous elements that don’t need to be there.  The artist sat down and composed the music with their heart.  There’s a certain “hands on” approach to writing, recording, playing.   Organic to me is a feeling that describes the music… textural, earthy, healthy, natural, rich in depth.  

“ambient” – This means so many different things to different people.   I subscribe to “ambient” as music that’s able to be fully listened to and enjoyed – or music to put on the background to subtly fill the mind and help focus on other things.   Ambient can be beatless or have drums to me.   It’s normally instrumental music – and made by acoustic or electronic instruments.  Some people think of ambient music as similar to soundtrack music – the kind that fills the background of a scene and expresses emotion in sound.  

“techno” – This also can mean a bunch of different things to different people.  I do love a good dancy techno tune, but for Relaxed Machinery – I’m focusing more on the ambient side of techno…  the minimal or dubby side.   Minimal repetitive beats.  

My personal music has always tended towards those three descriptions of music.  Whether I’m writing beatless music in a more generative way solely with electronics – or layering trumpet and bass over a minimal techno groove…  I truly like to blend all these styles on the same albums.  If you have a chance to listen to my “Temporal Arc” album rereleased recently on AtmoWorks – you’ll hear all of these elements together.   Strong drum grooves, ambient soundscapes, microsound generative minimalism, beatless drones, field recording, acoustic and electronics…

Steve Brand is the first artist I’m releasing on Relaxed Machinery – and while he so far hasn’t delved into the “techno” side of things – he absolutely fits “organic ambient”.   He writes his music from the heart.   He considers his music “healing”.   His sound is stunning.   He crafts beautiful music with care and understanding – and that’s why I’ve liked everything I’ve listened to from him and am proud to have him be the first release on Relaxed Machinery!