Promotional Copies of rM Albums

I posted a “promo requests” page last week to the site (it’s in the menu at the top) which essentially says if you review, blog, create podcasts, or any other form of writing/recording about ambient music – let me know.   It’s interesting how much has changed in the last decade plus that I’ve been following ambient music on the internet.   There used to be a lot of webzines and review sites (Ambientrance, Ambient Visions, EER, Ampersandetc), and quite a few radio stations (normally college or public stations) that played ambient music.   Some of those still exist, but by and large, most that were doing webzines or shows have shut down for various reasons.  Now there are a few blogs and podcasts – generally individuals that love music and let their friends know what they’re listening to and liking.  Some of the podcasts are great mixes – put together with care for how the music flows in and out.  

Do you write about your favorite ambient and/or minimal techno music?   Do you create mixes, podcasts, or have internet radio shows?   Let me know and we’ll talk about promo download copies of Relaxed Machinery albums.   Read a bit more on the “promo requests” page and email me at [ jkn at johei dot com ]

Interestingly, Mike Griffin at Hypnos just posted recently about promotional copies of releases:

“We at Hypnos are constantly evaluating the way we mail out promotional copies of our CDs, traditionally to music reviewers and DJs who focus on ambient & experimental music. One thing I’d like to do a bit more of is share a few promo copies to people such as podcasters, bloggers, or others who aren’t exactly traditional print/webzine reviewers, or radio DJs, but who may nonetheless have an interest in helping to spread the word about Hypnos music.

If you’re such a person or group, post here (other label owners and self-releasing ambient artists will see, too) or contact me by PM if you wish.  It’s increasingly obvious that the old ways by which people discovered their music are being replaced by new ways, and I’d rather spread a few CDs around to enthusiastic people who may write about them or include them in mixes or podcasts for others to discover, then send out copies to some of the magazines or radio stations that really don’t support this kind of music anyway.”

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