I’m ready… musings on time, rM, and recording again

If there’s one thing there never seems to be enough of, it’s time.  So I try and focus on what matters to me.   Launching Relaxed Machinery is something that matters to me.  Recording again is also something matters.  Obviously, my wife, family, and work come first – so prioritizing and picking what musical projects I tackle is a key.   I don’t think this philosophy is very different from the majority of label owners and artists out there.   You squeak in time when you can and don’t fret too much when not everything goes perfectly!

I still have a ton to do on this central Relaxed Machinery website – as well as getting the Reverb Nation page configured and running before Steve Brand’s debut release on 1/11/2009.  What’s definitely missing on relaxedmachinery.com is the logo.  I ran into a technical quirk with Internet Explorer where the logo from the WordPress template (WordPress is the software running this site…) – the logo simply wouldn’t appear.   Works 100% fine in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.   Go figure!  The solution Steve and I came up with is to change the horizontal photos that randomly appear at the top – and append the logo directly into that image.  I just need some time to do that – and over Christmas break I will likely get that done. 

I also need to tweak the left side to be more useful.   As I’ve mentioned in earlier blog posts – this website isn’t about being perfect – it’s about showing the evolution of the label and letting you see what I’m doing.  Snapshots into how a label is created and how it evolves over time. 

I’m very excited just how much has been done so far… I love the logo that Steve created.  I love the imagery that his designs have inspired in my head.   I love the whole organic ambient techno concept.  I love the idea that this label is both a label and an artist collective.  So much to love for me in this.

As far as my studio goes… it’s been in various stages of torn apart for years.  I stopped recording in 2004 for various reasons – tried to jump back in only to have my trusty old 1999 era pc crash on me.  Got that mostly fixed, but not quite fixed.  Bought a new pc – couldn’t quite get that running and partially that was because I wasn’t ready to dedicate the time needed to get it running.  

Dial the clock forward to last year – I jumped in with both feet into AtmoWorks and for the majority of my time there – loved it, especially connecting with the artists and the fans.  This year I decided it was time to get going again on my own music – replaced my pc with a mac – bought Logic Studio.  Only thing left is to reset up my studio (and learn Logic) which I’m hoping to have done in January.   I have a ton of ideas floating in my head.  Last month I realized another long time dream and bought a fretless bass – wow is it fantastic.

I’ve set a goal for myself to have a full album ready to go by my 40th birthday in August.   I’m thrilled with the label and the prospect of jumping into recording now with both feet.  I’m ready.


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