Countdown to Release – To Do List!

Steve Brand’s “Circular Scriptures” album is nearing release – with a planned date of 1/11/10. We’ll be celebrating the release on 1/16/10 on at 9 pm CST on the Zen Caffeine show hosted by David Herpich.

Lots to do between now and 1/11! A few items if you’re interested:

* Album Artwork is complete (and amazingly beautiful, I might add). This needs to be uploaded to CD Baby for the download version and to Hypnos for the CDR version. After it’s uploaded to CD Baby – they will distribute the album to multiple websites like iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, eMusic, etc…

* Audio files – finalized, tagged, and uploaded to CD Baby and Hypnos.

* Preview versions of the tracks need to be cut – and uploaded to our music player.

* I need to tweak the header images on this site, and settle on a left column format.

* Create the promo package (a printable file that describes the album, the artist, and the label) – as part of that, Steve needs to write about his album and I need to sort out what I want to say about Relaxed Machinery to potential radio hosts, reviewers, bloggers, podcasters, etc…

* Upload the great wallpaper Steve created for this album release

…and then the promotion begins.

I’ve heard Circular Scriptures at least 30 times now. I dearly love it. I hope you do too.

More details on the release and label activity as we countdown to release day!


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