Change my artist name from Interstitial?

I’m pondering a shift from using my artist name “Interstitial” to using my real name from now on. To me, Interstitial was a great name and sort of defined the music I wrote at that time.

In the 1990’s I used to describe my own music as “ambient techno industrial piano” – which admittedly is a slightly odd combo and a little tongue in cheek. One of the main reasons I used Interstitial for a long time was because I thought of my music as “between genres”. I used to have on my website around 2001-2003 a “between” statement which I really liked at the time…

i n t e r s t i t i a l - t h e    s p a c e    b e t w e e n
          between art and technology
               ambient and pulse
            atmospheric and glitch
        piano and noise
    jazz and detroit

This kind of said everything about the music I wrote… some songs would blend different elements of these descriptions. Yes, it was a little pretentious, but it felt right.

Now that I’ve taken a five year break from recording music – what I’m writing and playing is a little different. I’m older. I’m exploring new feelings. I approach playing differently.

Maybe it’s time to drop the Interstitial name and simply be me.

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