Steve Brand – Song for Illumination

I stumbled across this video (actually it’s a still image) for a track off of Steve Brand – Awakensong which was self-released by Steve in 2007. It’s 11 minutes and worth the listen!

Buy the download if you’d like: Steve Brand on CD Baby

UPDATE: Unfortunately the youtube user decided to remove the video. Steve and I both thought it was cool – hopefully they’ll post it again! jkn

Steve Brand’s Children of Alcyone on Star’s End Top 15

Congratulations to Steve Brand for making the Star’s End Top 15 for January 2010 with his Hypnos Secret Sounds release “Children of Alcyone”! If you’re interested in this album or any of his great releases on CDR (including his rather excellent Relaxed Machinery release: “Circular Scriptures” – please go to:

Steve Brand section of the Hypnos Store.

STAR’S END 1-6AM SatNite/SunMorn 88.5FM WXPN Philadelphia, PA
Top 15 For Januray 2010 (alphabetical) Compiled by Chuck van Zyl


Anomalous Disturbances – Archive Two – Disappearing Music
Anomalous Disturbances – Inside – Disappearing Music
Arc – Rise – DiN/DDL
Matt Borghi – Huronic Minor – Hypnos
Steve Brand – Children of Alcyone – Hypnos
Broekhuis Keller Schonwalder – Blue – Manikin
John Christian – Susbarbatus – self-released
Robert Davies – Terrestre – dataObscura
Moby – Wait for Me (Deluxe Edition) – Mute
Mystified – Primal Mystification – Hypnos
Redshift – RW3 – Distant Sun
Resonant Drift – The Call – self-released
Markus Reuter/Ian Boddy – Unwound – DiN/DDL
Jonn Serrie – Thousand Star – New World
The Winterhouse – Sanctuary – dataObscura

How the name Relaxed Machinery evolved…

The name Relaxed Machinery stems back to a field recording I made years ago at the electronics factory I work at. I was doing a lot of weekend work at the time upgrading our main system software and was alone in the building. I decided to take my minidisc recorder in and place it in different parts of the factory and let it record.

Even though no one was in the building, the lights were off, and everything was more or less “shut down” – many of the big machines that solder, place components, etc… still make noises – clicking, beeping, air noises like the machines are breathing, alarms going off on machines that need maintenance, etc… Even though the machines were “relaxing” – they were very alive in their sounds.

I’d always planned to release an e.p. called “Relaxed Machinery”, but just never got around to it. I still have the recording somewhere…

A few years later I began planning a new label with a friend, we spent about 8 months getting it ready and planning, and both decided it wasn’t the right time and shelved the idea for later.

Fast forward another four years, and I joined AtmoWorks as co-owner and thought about recording again, but spent a lot of time working on the label. Now that I’ve left AtmoWorks and decided to launch something new and different, with a different way of running a label… I decided it was time to use the “Relaxed Machinery” name again.

The name inspires me and it fits the music.

Thanks for reading.


New artist: Beta Cloud

I honestly didn’t plan on adding another artist quite this quickly, but Beta Cloud’s album “Lunar Monograph” utterly blew me away.

I’m very happy to announce that Beta Cloud will be recording new music and releasing it in 2010 on Relaxed Machinery. With the amazing quality of talent that is planning to release this year, wow, this is going to be one heck of a first year for Relaxed Machinery!

Beta Cloud website
Beta Cloud – Lunar Monograph



Steve’s album played in it’s entirety tonight on internet radio

Steve Brand’s new album “Circular Scriptures” on the Relaxed Machinery label will be played in it’s entirety tonight, Wednesday, February 3 between 8-10 pm Pacific Standard Time on Portland Radio Authority ( ).

The show is called “This is What It’s All About” – and plans to open with a Meat Beat Manifesto track at 8 pm PST, an intro break, and then Steve’s album will be played.

I’d sincerely like to thank Austere for giving the album to their friend that hosts the show.


New Artist: Bob Ohrum

I’m very happy to announce Bob Ohrum will be releasing on Relaxed Machinery this year. He’s previously self-released several ambient albums, and I’m very happy to be releasing his “Elevated” album in the coming months. He’s also working on new music for release in the future.

I think Bob is a perfect fit for Relaxed Machinery.

Hover your mouse over “Artists” in the menu above and click on “Bob Ohrum” to read his bio and his comments about his previous releases.