rM update

A quick update on Relaxed Machinery releases:

John Koch-Northrup – Temporal Arc . This is my solo album from 2001 originally released by the very fine Red Antenna label. I briefly re-released it last year on AtmoWorks, but with our split it’s off the market. I’m working on new artwork ideas.

Chris Russell – Frozen . This is Chris’ third album and the first on Relaxed Machinery. It’s gorgeous and features his interpretation of the winter solstice evolving into the renewal of spring. Mastering is done and artwork is underway. April release.

Bob Ohrum – Elevated . Planned for a June release, we’re currently starting mastering with Wink Junior at the Sound-O-Mat. This album stuns me truly. It was written for Bob’s father after he passed away. The artwork features photos of the valley where Bob’s father grew up. Truly an emotionally powerful album.

Beta Cloud – final title being determined. Mastering by James Plotkin. I’ve heard the pre-mastered version and it’s fantastic. I’m thrilled to be releasing it. Carl (Beta Cloud) will be donating all sales from this album to a cancer charity that he supports -which of course, I greatly support as well!

As far as my plans for later this year, we’ll see. I’d hoped to be done with an album in August to coincide with my birthday, but we’ll see. For me – it’s more important for the album to be “done when it’s done” than to hit a certain target deadline.

Thanks for reading!