Press Release: Bob Ohrum – Elevated

Text version of the press release. PDF – Relaxed Machinery style coming shortly.

artist: Bob Ohrum
album title: Elevated
label: Relaxed Machinery
catalog #: rM_0004
release date: June 22, 2010
music style: ambient – beatless

.: about the release :.

“Elevated” is a journey through heartbreaking loss and the celebration of a spirit set free from a broken body.

01 song for you (i’ll never forget) – 5:30
02 while they slept – 9:20
03 everytime i close my eyes – 7:59
04 elevated – 14:13
05 diwedd – 6:12
06 the wasteland – 10:23

“In 2007 I wrote and recorded ‘Elevated’ as a tribute to my father, a great man and a good friend. I only hope that the songs I have written are a suitable tribute…”

Bob wrote “song for you (i’ll never forget)” on the day his family spread his father’s ashes in the valley you see on the cover. The song is literally raw emotion.

Mastered by Robert Vaughn at Sound-O-Mat.
Photography by Kevin Pletcher.
Design by Steve Brand.

.: about the artist :.

Bob Ohrum is… distant highways, crumbling factories, the lonely sound of a 2 A.M. train, and the beauty of the city at night…

In his own words: “I started writing music and playing bass in an assortment of shoegaze bands in the early 90s. As the decade progressed I became more and more drawn to experimental music and analog synthesizers. During that time I recorded my first Ambient music demos on four-track cassette. In 2000 I moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I lived for three years. While living on the Cape I immersed myself in the natural beauty of the ocean. When I moved back to Buffalo in 2003 I had a renewed drive to record. At that time, I found a love for field recording and began to incorporate it into my music. It is my goal to make music that captures and compliments the environment around me, be it city or nature, daytime or night.”

.: about the label :.

Relaxed Machinery focuses on “organic .: ambient :. techno”, music made by hand from the heart using the instruments and tools the artists love. It was launched in January 2010 as a way for ambient and electronic artists to thrive and get noticed above the vast ocean of music releases. All artist receive 100% of their releases, and in a sense, have joined together to “self-release” …together. This music business paradigm shift blends “label” and “artist collective” in a seamless way to benefit all artists involved.

Relaxed Machinery is owned by John Koch-Northrup, who previously co-owned AtmoWorks and has helped with web design for labels such as The Foundry and Green House Music. John has released music as “Interstitial” in the past, and will be releasing under his own name on Relaxed Machinery.

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