Chris Russell – Frozen release party Friday, July 16 at 10 pm CDT (UTC-5)

Join us this coming Friday on for the world premiere of the 3rd Relaxed Machinery release: Chris Russell – Frozen!

I’m very proud that the owner of StillStream, Darrell Burgan, has agreed to play Chris’ album from start to finish during his Friday night program, Blue Water Drift Dive. I’m betting that Darrell will start the album sometime during the first hour – maybe around 10:30 pm CDT. The show normally runs until 1 or 2 am.

Below are a couple of full length preview tracks, where to buy the download or CDR, and the press release.

Thanks for reading, and I truly hope you join us this Friday. Most of the Relaxed Machinery artists will be in the StillStream chat during the show.


Chris Russell – Frozen is now available as a download and as a CDR.

Chris Russell – Tundra by Relaxed Machinery

Chris Russell – Time Lost by Relaxed Machinery

Chris Russell - Frozen

artist: Chris Russell
album title: Frozen
label: Relaxed Machinery
catalog #: rM_0003
release date: July 13, 2010
music style: ambient

.: about the release :.

Frozen recalls the stillness and silence of a winter snowfall transitioning into spring, celebrating the rebirth and renewal of life.

01 aurora – 6:42
02 thaw – 7:19
03 time lost – 7:45
04 tundra – 8:41
05 numb – 9:19
06 frozen – 4:02
07 otzi – 11:52
08 slowly drifting – 6:43

In Chris’ words: “I always look forward to the winter solstice for the solitude and chance for renewal that it brings. As soon as the snow falls, I usually hunker down for months and long recording sessions take place. For the album Frozen I wanted to get a head start and had to go to a headspace to create these frigid sound zones. I have many pictures and memories of winter so it was not hard to do – the music came drifting out. I tried to create sonically the stillness and silence of the winter snowfall. Also, the passage into the beginning of spring the rebirth and renewal of life.”

Frozen was recorded between June 2009 and March 2010. Mixed and recorded by
the artist.

Photography: Chris Russell
Design: Steve Brand

.: about the artist :.

Chris Russell has been recording ambient music since 2000. He’s recorded the score to an indie horror film as well as playing in several bands over the years. His music is influenced by nature, the future, the ebb and flow of life, conspiracy theories and hidden esoteric knowledge. He has released two albums on AtmoWorks: Aralu and Merge. Both were released in 2009.

Chris currently lives in Illinois.

.: about the label :.

Relaxed Machinery focuses on “organic .: ambient :. techno”, music made by hand from the heart using the instruments and tools the artists love. It was launched in January 2010 as a way for ambient and electronic artists to thrive and get noticed above the vast ocean of music releases. All artist receive 100% of their releases, and in a sense, have joined together to “self-release” …together. This music business paradigm shift blends “label” and “artist collective” in a seamless way to benefit all artists involved.

Relaxed Machinery is owned by John Koch-Northrup, who previously co-owned AtmoWorks and has helped with web design for labels such as The Foundry and Green House Music. John has released music as “Interstitial” in the past, and will be releasing under his own name on Relaxed Machinery.

.: links and contact :.

Relaxed Machinery info:
Relaxed Machinery Community:
Contact John Koch-Northrup:

Steve Brand on Somafm DroneZone June 2010 playlist

Congratulations to Steve Brand for getting on both the “by spins” and “by listeners” charts for DroneZone! I’m very proud of Steve’s album on Relaxed Machinery – and love his albums on Hypnos and AtmoWorks. Steve is a consistently wonderful artist and person.


DroneZone for June 2010…

Top 30 Artists BY SPINS
1. Steve Roach (46)
2. Igneous Flame (23)
3. Cleveland Wehle (19)
4. Stephen Philips (18)
5. Stars of the Lid (17)
6. Solyaris (16)
7. Biosphere (15)
8. Robert Scott Thompson (15)
9. Harold Budd (14)
10. Jim Cole & Spectral Voices (13)
11. Cliff Martinez (13)
12. Dilate (12)
13. A Produce (11)
14. Vidna Obmana (10)
15. Maitreya (10)
16. Gas (10)
17. Igneous Flame, Achromus (9)
18. Seconds Before Awakening (9)
19. Rapoon (9)
20. Steve Brand (9)
21. Markus Guentner (8)
22. Resonant Drift (8)
23. Jim Cole (8)
24. Synthetic Mind Decay (8)
25. Cinema Volta (7)
26. Anomalous Distubances (7)
27. Chad Hoefler (7)
28. Terre Thaemlitz (7)
29. Arrocata (7)
30. Oophoi (7)

Top 30 Artists BY LISTENERS
1. Steve Roach (10845)
2. Igneous Flame (6064)
3. A Produce (5273)
4. Solyaris (4691)
5. Robert Scott Thompson (4254)
6. Dan Pound (4048)
7. Stephen Philips (3997)
8. Cleveland Wehle (3997)
9. Joel David Palmer (3925)
10. Stars of the Lid (3837)
11. Biosphere (3666)
12. Vidna Obmana (3571)
13. Jim Cole (3564)
14. Markus Guentner (3510)
15. Jim Cole & Spectral Voices (3355)
16. Harold Budd (3290)
17. Cliff Martinez (3168)
18. Exuviae (3141)
19. Vidna Obmana & Jeff Pearce (3137)
20. Igneous Flame, Achromus (2893)
21. Rapoon (2863)
22. Steve Brand (2784)
23. Oophoi (2620)
24. Terre Thaemlitz (2593)
25. Constance Demby (2490)
26. Dilate (2430)
27. Darkened Soul (2390)
28. Chad Hoefler (2377)
29. Galactic Anthems (2365)
30. Dan Barrio (2313)

New Releases / New Artist

Where to buy our new and recent releases:

Bob Ohrum – Elevated is now available as a download and as a CDR.

Chris Russell – Frozen is now available as a download and as a CDR.

Steve Brand – Circular Scriptures is also available as a download and as a CDR.

Chris Russell – Frozen – World Premiere Release Party

Tune in to StillStream at 10 pm CDT to hear the world premiere of Chris Russell’s 3rd album, Frozen. Darrell Burgan’s “Deep Water Drift Dive” radio show will feature the album in it’s entirety uninterrupted. Most of the Relaxed Machinery artists will be in the chat room during that time. Please tune in and drop by the chat to talk to Chris and the rest of us about this new ambient album.

Welcome new Relaxed Machinery Artist – I’ve Lost

Bobby Jones, recording as “I’ve Lost”, is the newest artists to join Relaxed Machinery and we’re thrilled to have him with us. He’s about to release a wonderful e.p. on the Feedback Loop Label and will be releasing with us in later 2010 or 2011.

To hear I’ve Lost now – check his SoundCloud page and also his blog.