Help pick the music for Leonardo Rosado’s next album

Here’s an update from Leonardo Rosado, Relaxed Machinery artist as well as owner of the Feedback Loop label, which you really need to check out. Gorgeous work being released there.

From Leonardo:

I proudly present you an idea that I’ll pushing forward in the coming months where you can listen to my new album being made. Check the link below if you are curious, or read below for more info.

This webpage is intended to present its visitors the pieces of music that I will be making for my next album codenamed “Opaque Glitter”. Approximately 2 HOURS OF MUSIC will be made and posted here, so you will be able to listen to everything and even comment, but only 40 minutes will make it to the album. This is intended to make you a part of the process, so I will be taking into account your comments and when all tracks are available you will get to vote on which ones should be in the album. Based on everyone who votes I’ll count the MOST WANTED TRACKS and that ones WILL MAKE IT TO THE ALBUM. The process will take about 3 to 4 months. Additionaly, a micropoem and image will be also made to illustrate each piece of music. Finally, I also have setup a donation scheme, so feel free to donate whatever amount of money you feel like. The donated money will be used for music making (ex: mastering & physical editions). ENJOY THE MUSIC, THE WORDS & THE IMAGES