2011 Relaxed Machinery Label Releases – so far…

We had an amazing 2010 – and 2011 is just looking better and better.   Coming over the next few months is a reissue of my solo album “Temporal Arc”, Chris Russell “Home”, and Nettless “Somniomancer”.   Here’s a quick summary of our 2011 releases, click the album covers on the left for more information on each – including song previews, art, and links to purchase download, CDR, and coming very soon – flac files.

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.: Relaxed Machinery Artists – sleepMODE [rM_0009]

2+ hours of music from:

Max Corbacho
Steve Brand
åpne sinn
Beta Cloud
Benjamin Dauer
Bob Ohrum
I’ve Lost
Leonardo Rosado
Beed and Fascia
Chris Russell
John Koch-Northrup


.: Bob Ohrum – Subliminal Listening [rM_0014]

This album is my love of my home in audio form.


.: I’ve Lost – Scáth M’anam [rM_0010]

Scáth M’anam is a Gaelic phrase, which can be translated as “Shadow of My Soul”.


.: åpne sinn – espiritista [rM_0015]

By turns drifting and ethereal then beat driven, this debut recording spans many musical types and genres.


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