Steve Brand_SoulSpiral (2011 re-master, re-release) 5.13.2011

Release Name: “SoulSpiral” (2011 re-master, re-release)

Release Date: Friday, May 13, 2011

Release Information: “SoulSpiral” will be the first in a series of re-mastered, re-worked, re-releases and special releases to come on my own label, Pioneer Light. Pioneer Light productions will be released in conjunction and cooperation with Relaxed Machinery. John Koch-Northrup, Geoff Small (aka apne sinn), and Greg M. (aka eyes cast down) have all been kind enough to offer to house my page at, and to assist me in the promotion of PL releases. Forthcoming re-releases include, “Because We Were Once Covered In Gold,” “LightTools,” “She Covers The Sky,” “Sunprints” and others.

“SoulSpiral offers two complementary long pieces highlighting the twin strengths in Steve Brand’s music: the ethereal and the earthy. These soundworlds are intense, thrilling and richly textural. The sum is a shamanic journey of discovery, letting go and renewal. Along the way we experience, like breezes on our skin, echoes of starlight and angelsong, the beckoning of voices and possibilities – full of light, acknowledging the shadow without fear. We are challenged to leave our comfort zones behind, for the exhilaration of rebirth, of discovering our true selves. That quest takes us across galaxies, eons, deep into our own heartbeat, breath and tears – leading to that ageless truth which every soul must embrace. Using synths, voices, didgeridoo, Tibetan horns, African kora, drums and bells, SoulSpiral beautifully embodies the yin-and-yang of Steve Brand’s musical aesthetic: exploration and introspection, stillness and ecstacy, ritual and revelation.” – Review by eyes cast down