Review: Broken Harbour- The Geometry of Shadows by historic_bruno

rM0031_Broken Harbour_TheGeometryOfShadows_300x300Lacking some magic perhaps from the previous release Gramophone TransmissionsBroken Harbour returns with The Geometry of Shadows, nonetheless a piece of fine high-quality ambient music. It retains many of the same characteristics, but obviously differs in the lack of classical samples, tending instead toward traditional ambient music. There is some influence of space ambient, but for the most part it presents a stationary and glimmering, pleasant atmosphere, rather than a more kinetic sound. Certainly, there is an uplifting feel to the whole, warm yet sparse; not as dramatically emotive as Gramophone Transmissions. It feels like one suite instead of six distinct tracks, nearly all of which are over 11 minutes in length.

The Geometry of Shadows is very cohesive, and that combined with the strong composition and excellent sound quality, earns this release an easy 4 star rating from me. It’s nothing ground breaking, but these days little in the ambient genres truly is, and here Broken Harbour demonstrate a mastery of ambient music and a unique style. Once again, music for headphone listening.


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