Steve Brand Premiere on SomaFM Drone Zone – Oct 3


We are very proud to present Steve Brand’s newest release, The Space Between.  Even better?  Rusty at SomaFM is going to premiere the entire album at 8pm Eastern on Drone Zone!   – AND – We’ll all be in chat for a listening party!  Join us, won’t you?!?!



Times throughout the world:

Oct 3:

2:00 pm – Honolulu
5:00 pm – San Francisco
8:00 pm – New York 
9:00 pm – Rio de Janeiro

Oct 4:
1:00 am – London 
2:00 am – Berlin
3:00 am – Helsinki
4:00 am – Moscow

5:30 am – Mumbai 
8:00 am – Perth
9:00 am – Tokyo
10:00 am – Melbourne
Noon – Auckland



Bob Ohrum – Elevated on Les décibels sont dans les prés Radio


Thank you to Francis and Julien and their metal radioshow “Les décibels sont dans les prés”, on Radio Mercure (France).  The first hour of the show is Death – Black – Thrash – Power – Mathcore – Doom…  while the second is Dark Ambient, noise, power, and industrial.  

This week they played a track from Bob Ohrum’s “Elevated” from June 2010. An album Bob wrote during the loss, grief of his father’s passing and ultimately celebration of his life. Truly an amazing album – and I’m proud to see it pulled out for radio airplay.

John K-N


Bob Ohrum – Elevated info:

2nd hour playlist:

Deuxième Partie : Dark ambient – Rhytmic noise – Power electronics – Industrial…
Aun Phantom ghost Denovali Records
Wieloryb Root Hands Productions
Deepernet One Spotted Peccary Records
Vromb Jeux de terre Tesco Organisations
Bob Ohrum Elevated Relaxed Machinary Records
Colloquio L’entrada, l’uscita Eibon Records
Ah Cama-Sotz Dead cities Bats & Cats Records
Macieh Szymczuk & Slow Motion Ways Zoharum Records
Anklebiter Raintree Tympanik Audio
Numina Eye of the nautilus Hypnos Records

Hypnagogue 141 features Steve’s and Roy’s Meltstream

Episode 141

by Hypnagogue

Just a blend of good music this time through, elements following elements, building into a pleasant flow. I find the last 45 minutes particularly deep. Enjoy.

 Download as 


Start      Brain Ballet, I.S.S., Aquarium of the Deep Sea
5.03       Lorne David Thompson, 1000 Miles from the Atmosphere, Quadra Station
9.54       Ex Confusion, On Your Side, With Love
12.33     Terra Ambient, The Ghost in Me, Wanderlust
18.29     Al Conti, Last Suitor, The Blue Rose
22.47     Michelle De Wilton, Memory of the Sun, Daydream
26.47     Boy Is Fiction, My Veins Are Blocked, Broadcasts in Colour
33.20     The Nebulae, The Path of White Clouds, The Path of White Clouds
43.44     Steve Brand & Roy Mattson, Just Above Treeline, Meltstream
56.12      dRachEmUsiK & Onewayness, Joy, Immeasurable
1.08.49  Suspended Memories, Places In Between, Earth Island
1.19.51  Seconds Before Awakening, Seven 1/2, Seven

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