Listening Party Friday, May 1

Join us tonight, May 1 at 5 pm pacific (UTC-7) for a wonderful listening party on

To chat during the show you have two options to join the chat room which will have many artists and friends.

1)  Sign up as a member!

2) Sign in as a guest!   The catch with being a guess is our chat will “ding” every time someone posts.  It’ll be irritating if you are chatting on the same computer you are listening to the Soma FM stream.  I’m sorry, I can’t turn it off – and this was the best way to have a solid group chat that allows non-members to jump in and chat.

Already a member – join in the chat:

Here’s where you can find information on each of tonight’s featured releases:

SiJ – Plaentagose

Steve Brand – Second Spring

Steve Brand and Ran Kirlian – The Uncarved Block

p.s.  If you love what you’re hearing… consider buying the albums being played – the money from each sale goes 100% to the artists.  Relaxed Machinery does not take a cut from any solo or collaboration album we release.

Also – consider supporting Soma FM in some small way through this link:   Soma FM is 100% listener supported.


New Release! SiJ – Plæntágose

relaxedMACHINERY is excited to welcome a new artist to our label, SiJ. SiJ is Vladislav Sikach, a Russian ambient and electronic composer who has been releasing on a number of netlabels for several years. On "Plæntágose" (pronounced "plentagous"), Vlad has created a suite of sparsely decorated vignettes - postcards of moments on a long stretch of highway. There is an air of slow time here that will pull you onward from track to track only to begin again at the end. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. rM