Listening Party Friday – Chris Russell – Blur


Join us on Friday! We are presenting our new Relaxed Machinery release by Chris Russell – Blur. On SomaFM Drone Zone. Join us in chat during the show – Chris and a bunch of friends and fans will be there.

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To chat during the show you have two options to join the chat room which will have many artists and friends.

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The catch with being a guess is our chat will “ding” every time someone posts.  It’ll be irritating if you are chatting on the same computer you are listening to the Soma FM stream.  I’m sorry, I can’t turn it off – and this was the best way to have a solid group chat that allows non-members to jump in and chat.

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Chris Russell – Blur .:. New Release!

Long time Relaxed Machinery artist, Chris Russell, returns with a new album.  Chris tells us the music on Blur was recorded during a difficult and challenging time in my life. Fear and anxiety led me down a darker and more experimental path in the studio and the results are captured here in the raw form.  Read, Listen, View more about it! 

1. Ardor [3:35]
2. Becloud [6:19]
3. Distort [4:21]
4. Solemn [8:04]
5. Blur [13:40]
6. Umbra [3:00]
7. Oceans [4:52]
8. Vertigo [12:47]
9. Ardor Reprise [6:33]