Premiere on SomaFM – Kloob – Solid Foundations

We are so thrilled to once again have a our new album premiered on SomaFM Drone Zone!   SomaFM has been such a huge help to us over the years.

This Friday, March 4 at Noon Pacific Time on

A quick way to find out what time it is in your part of the world is to type into google:   “noon pacific time in Barcelona” and put your city there.

Result:   12:00 PM Thursday, Pacific Time (PT) is 9:00 PM Thursday, in Barcelona, Spain

Dani is back with his 2nd release on Relaxed Machinery:   Kloob – Solid Foundations.   It’s an excellent album of ambient music with Dani focusing in on his favorite topics of interest: metaphysics, attraction, emotions management, extraterrestrial life, astral projection and personal development.