Thank you. Going on hiatus.

I’ve thought a long time about whether to take a break from Relaxed Machinery. The time has come. I need to recharge my batteries. rM will be on hiatus for the rest of 2016.

We launched rM in January 2010 with a Steve Brand release… and it’s fitting that we close this phase of Relaxed Machinery with another Steve Brand release – The Path of the Heart.

55 Album Releases. An amazing array of artists from around the world. Support from a wide variety of radio hosts, reviewers, podcasters, and fans. How could I ask for more? This has been a wonderful six years.

Relaxed Machinery has been co-run this entire time by Steve Brand – and I’d love for you to support his music going forward at

Geoff Small joined rM shortly after launch, and has done so much for the label. He relaunched earthMANTRA and it’s already a stellar label again.

Thanks also to Joel Sutton, who’s been maintaining this site for years now. He’s the best.

Thanks to everyone that ever listened. Please support the artists wherever they release.

John Koch-Northrup