More relaunch thoughts…

More thoughts on the relaunch. Had a good conversation with a friend on whether I should release everything as a label or continue how all previous albums werereleased in the “self release… together” mode – where the artist uploads or gets cdr’s made and then keeps 100% of their profit.

The least “fun” thing for me during my AtmoWorks co-owning years was tracking the money. John (Vir) always paid the artists from my reports, and handled the taxes end, but just doing the reporting was a pain. But! Is it worth it as a label going forward? The label did do a ton of work for each release and Steve, Geoff and I volunteered our time to make each release the best possible. Lots of time to ponder that one.

As you noticed from last week’s post – I’m planning more short 30 minutes give or take releases instead of long form 60 – 90 minute ones. I do plan to be fully digital. I don’t see a major point of doing physical releases except for special projects. Yes, there will be some long form albums – just depends on the project, artist, etc…

On my own music… which I do plan to have something of mine be the first release for relaunch… I have all the cabling and power yet to go – as well as the setup of the pedal board. Heidi (my wife!) and I bought some PVC pipe to route wires through in the closet. Have to experiment with that. Good idea of Heidi’s! The closet is in pretty much permanent setup now.

Thanks for reading – any comments or questions are very welcome!

John / Relaxed Machinery