Leaning this way, leaning that…

I’m strongly leaning towards centralizing the releases and being a “proper label” in the sense of dropping the  “self release… together” concept from our first 6 years.   What this means is all releases would flow through the label and not be self released by each artist.  Of course, the artist retains all rights to their music in the long term.  I may wish for ‘x’ amount of exclusivity first though.

I’ve started the process of changing the website.  Yep – this is as basic of a WordPress Theme as humanly possible to use.  It’ll work for the near term.

I’m looking for a new tagline…  “organic .: ambient :. techno” just doesn’t feel right any longer.  This won’t be easy.   🙂

Cover art – I’m thinking of not doing templates for the front covers any longer.  The verdict is way out on this one…  a long time to decide.  Parts of me loves having an immediate cohesive artwork theme – and part of me wants the cover art to be specifically for each album and not have the label image get in the way.  We’ll see!

Until next time…