2023 Relaunch

Relaunching everything. What a strange feeling.

I’ve decided to adopt Relaxed Machinery as my artist name. Some who only know it as the label might find that surprising, but the name existed long before the label. It also describes the music I make… perfectly.

2001 I took my minidisc recorder to work on a Sunday and recorded all the electronics machines “relaxing”. I moved it around the factory floor several times – I was the only person in the building working on some programming code / upgrades to our systems. One of the machines that places parts onto circuit boards had an alarm going off. The rubber injection machines used steam and they were making amazing sounds. The ovens… wave solder… smt machines.

That field recording ended up named “relaxed machinery” and I was going to make a track out of it. But it didn’t happen. I still have the recording somewhere.

When I left AtmoWorks and decided to launch my own label in 2009 – I named it Relaxed Machinery. We ran from 2010 to 2016 through 55 releases of mostly ambient with a few more beat based electronic albums in there. What a great run!

In 2016 I needed to pull back and focus on myself. This took a lot longer than planned! But here we are in 2023 and it’s time to record and release and have fun.

That’s the focus – having fun.

I’ve been working on the template for future releases – which will be singles or ep length. I’m focusing on my love for atmospheric techno for now.

I also think I’ll blog post here as I go.