Lowell Levene-Sims

It would be easy playing the genre game with this newest release from intrepid bass voyager Lowell Levene-Sims.

Bits and bobs of free ambient post-rock minimalism with a splash of organic electronica are just touchstones of reference.

Ultimately, however, these categorizations become irrelevant as your ears, heart, mind and consciousness lead you to the inevitable awareness that this is sublimely gorgeous music – pure and simple…

There is a quality at work here – visceral and beyond – that sets A Thing of Beauty… far apart from a great many of its musical contemporaries.

It draws you into places you’d perhaps rather not go – but yet are compelled to – regardless of what awaits. It could be terrifying, it could be transformational… it may be both and more.

“Sims obliterates traditional perceptions of the bassist’s role with a masterful subtlety.” (The Wire)

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