I (Toni Viholainen) have been interested in music all my life. I used to play organ when I was 10 years old, but that didn’t last long. After that I didn’t play any instrument until I was 15 and heard Randy Rhoads playing on the Blizzard of Ozz album. I was sold. I got my first guitar shortly after that and have been playing ever since, in many different projects. My first real band was called Tähtitarha. We toured and made one single with Tähtitarha between 1998-2003. After that I had a long break from music.

Ten After Dawn

Around 2002, Teemu and I recorded “Rusty Sounds”, a dark groovy song with wicked riffs and cunning vocals. Machines and live instruments hand in hand making rusty sounds. We recorded a second demo song and a couple of ideas and riffs, but then other bands took our time and focus for years.

Over the years we knew that someday it would be good to reunite for these ideas, when the time is right. So… the time has come.


My Nettless project was born when we were doing some recordings for Ten After Dawn. Most of the From Beyond songs originated while I was going through different kinds of synth sounds, which were supposed to be used in the songs of Ten After Dawn.

While I was doing that, those sounds took me along, and without any warning they started something in me. I started to compose new songs altogether. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the atmosphere in these songs was something that I could not fit into the sound of Ten After Dawn.

Abandoning these songs altogether would have been a horrendous idea for me, and so I decided to create a project based on them. And voila, behold the birth of Nettless.

[Earth Mantra has two Nettless releases: From Beyond and Phobos and Deimos.]

Relaxed Machinery Releases

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