Steve Brand_SoulSpiral (2011 re-master, re-release) 5.13.2011

Release Name: “SoulSpiral” (2011 re-master, re-release)

Release Date: Friday, May 13, 2011

Release Information: “SoulSpiral” will be the first in a series of re-mastered, re-worked, re-releases and special releases to come on my own label, Pioneer Light. Pioneer Light productions will be released in conjunction and cooperation with Relaxed Machinery. John Koch-Northrup, Geoff Small (aka apne sinn), and Greg M. (aka eyes cast down) have all been kind enough to offer to house my page at, and to assist me in the promotion of PL releases. Forthcoming re-releases include, “Because We Were Once Covered In Gold,” “LightTools,” “She Covers The Sky,” “Sunprints” and others.

“SoulSpiral offers two complementary long pieces highlighting the twin strengths in Steve Brand’s music: the ethereal and the earthy. These soundworlds are intense, thrilling and richly textural. The sum is a shamanic journey of discovery, letting go and renewal. Along the way we experience, like breezes on our skin, echoes of starlight and angelsong, the beckoning of voices and possibilities – full of light, acknowledging the shadow without fear. We are challenged to leave our comfort zones behind, for the exhilaration of rebirth, of discovering our true selves. That quest takes us across galaxies, eons, deep into our own heartbeat, breath and tears – leading to that ageless truth which every soul must embrace. Using synths, voices, didgeridoo, Tibetan horns, African kora, drums and bells, SoulSpiral beautifully embodies the yin-and-yang of Steve Brand’s musical aesthetic: exploration and introspection, stillness and ecstacy, ritual and revelation.” – Review by eyes cast down

The Muse: Kevin Pletcher’s Photography for Subliminal Listening

Wallpaper B: Subliminal Listening by Bob Ohrum

Photographer Kevin Pletcher provided the photos for Bob Ohrum’s album Subliminal Listening. This is Kevin’s story of how it came about:

At the time the pictures were taken for the cover of Subliminal Listening, I was just discovering the ease of digital photography: the ability to see the picture immediately after taking it and, in most cases, being able to re-shoot the subject to capture that “perfect shot”. This, for me, was the birth of my photo creativity. I was taking pictures whenever I could find the time, wherever I could find subject matter.

One day, at lunchtime, having photographed nearly everything within sight of my car, I began to think of places and things to plan to capture photographically. I had been passing an abandoned office building every day on my morning commute. It dawned on me that that abandoned building might be a great place to go for a lunch time “Photo Safari”.

The very next morning, my thoughts were consumed with the prospect of exploring the abandoned Hooker Chemicals Corporation office building. At lunchtime I began the journey of a lifetime. As I approached the thruway exit I had no way of knowing just how powerful an experience I was about to have.

As I left the highway, the exit made a disorienting 180-degree turn. As it straightened out, all around me were fields of tall grass and wildflowers, sunburnt and golden from long summer days. Then, suddenly, on the horizon, a speck of green glowing in the midday sun. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I needed to get closer to that beautiful green object that that was beginning to fill my view.

As I got closer to the object, I was taken by the size and beauty of its patina. I was lost in the wonder of the history of this wonderful object. The unnamed sculpture bore witness to the importance and wealth that once were.

I spent all of my lunch hour that day and many days after that taking pictures of the sculpture and dreaming the stories of its past.

I only took a few shots of the building itself; the beauty lies solely in its sculpture.

One day, just a few months later, while visiting the sculpture that had become my muse, I was appalled to discover that there were pieces missing from the back section. Someone with much less reverence for the sculpture than I had decided that they were entitled to destroy the monument and, presumably, sell it off for scrap. Thankfully the front section remains. I believe that the front section of the sculpture served as cover for the scum-sucking thieves.

Kevin’s photo album of the Hooker Sculpture.
Grand Island E-News reference to the sculpture. It’s near the bottom of a very long page. Search for “Nathan Cook Photo”.
Smithsonian Institute reference. The Smithsonian had no record of this piece until Kevin contacted them.

Find more photos like this on Relaxed Machinery

2011 Relaxed Machinery Label Releases – so far…

We had an amazing 2010 – and 2011 is just looking better and better.   Coming over the next few months is a reissue of my solo album “Temporal Arc”, Chris Russell “Home”, and Nettless “Somniomancer”.   Here’s a quick summary of our 2011 releases, click the album covers on the left for more information on each – including song previews, art, and links to purchase download, CDR, and coming very soon – flac files.

Thank you!

.: Relaxed Machinery Artists – sleepMODE [rM_0009]

2+ hours of music from:

Max Corbacho
Steve Brand
åpne sinn
Beta Cloud
Benjamin Dauer
Bob Ohrum
I’ve Lost
Leonardo Rosado
Beed and Fascia
Chris Russell
John Koch-Northrup

.: Bob Ohrum – Subliminal Listening [rM_0014]

This album is my love of my home in audio form.

.: I’ve Lost – Scáth M’anam [rM_0010]

Scáth M’anam is a Gaelic phrase, which can be translated as “Shadow of My Soul”.

.: åpne sinn – espiritista [rM_0015]

By turns drifting and ethereal then beat driven, this debut recording spans many musical types and genres.

Thank you!

John K-N
owner / artist
Relaxed Machinery – organic .: ambient :. techno

relaxed machinery community
a creative community supporting ambient music, art, poetry, photography…

Relaxed Machinery: Leonardo Rosado – for r [rM_0012]

Leonardo Rosado - for r
Leonardo Rosado - for r
Leonardo Rosado - for r - front cover

Artist: Leonardo Rosado
Title: for r
Cat #: rM_0012

This album is starting to sneak out into the wilds of the internet. If you’d like to buy a copy or listen… head to

It will be avalable via CD Baby and the usual digital suspects in the coming week.
Leonardo is also offering a very special hand made CDR available directly from him through the bandcamp link above!
More details on Leonardo’s very touching release – soon.

Details from Leonardo’s post on Bandcamp:

1. How the rain fell that day 05:34
2. Smiling or why i fell in love 17:27
3. The sun still rises everyday 14:04

about Dedicated to life, the sun, the rain, noise, passion, all instants that are imprinted in my memory and Rita

The title ‘for r’ would suggest a work being dedicated to something or someone and on the surface it appears to be a vague and ambiguous bestowment. Leonardo Rosado chooses not to define what or who ‘r’ may be, however, after spending much time with the three tracks contained within I have come to love the mystery that the title embodies.
Listening to the sounds within is awe inspiring and thus Rosado’s patience while constructing these brooding, spacious and fluid pieces is to be praised. A spectrum of emotions flow from the music conjuring childlike imagery with echoing bells, deep unease via augmented drones and bass frequencies, and a wonderful sense of acceptance through the warmth and fragility of the sounds.

Rosado’s strength is his undeniable sense of depth, combining organic sounds of water, experimental percussion, shuffling and friction with processed and controlled drones all culminating in a wonderfully balanced form. The synthesis of nature and technology present here is what makes these recordings so rewarding time and time again.
Regardless of the ambiguity the title presents, Leonardo Rosado makes a poignant dedication, a dedication that not only celebrates the warmth in life and the beauty we are given, but also the darkness, the unpredictability and the ugly facets of existence.

Written by Alex Stretton

I would like to thank John for supporting and believing in my work and everyone that suggested improvements on this album.

credits released 30 November 2010
Mastered by madSavVy productions
All tracks composed and played by Leonardo Rosado
Released by relaxed Machinery:

World Premiere on StillStream 10/15: Chris Russell & Disturbed Earth – The Approaching Armada

Chris Russell and Disturbed Earth - The Approaching Armada - front cover
Chris Russell and Disturbed Earth - The Approaching Armada - front cover

I’m very proud to announce the upcoming release of Chris Russell and Disturbed Earth – The Approaching Armada. This release has been long in the making and joins two good friends of mine as well as amazing musicians and composers.

Please join us on Friday, October 15, 2010 on during Darrell Burgan’s Blue Water Drift Dive program between 10 pm and 1 am Central Time as we listen to the new album in it’s entirety!

Many of the Relaxed Machinery artists will be in the chat room – and I hope you can drop in and say hello!

More information on the release, including song previews, artwork, and the stories behind the album from both Chris and Dean will be posted all week long.

artist / owner
Relaxed Machinery – organic .: ambient :. techno

Help pick the music for Leonardo Rosado’s next album

Here’s an update from Leonardo Rosado, Relaxed Machinery artist as well as owner of the Feedback Loop label, which you really need to check out. Gorgeous work being released there.

From Leonardo:

I proudly present you an idea that I’ll pushing forward in the coming months where you can listen to my new album being made. Check the link below if you are curious, or read below for more info.

This webpage is intended to present its visitors the pieces of music that I will be making for my next album codenamed “Opaque Glitter”. Approximately 2 HOURS OF MUSIC will be made and posted here, so you will be able to listen to everything and even comment, but only 40 minutes will make it to the album. This is intended to make you a part of the process, so I will be taking into account your comments and when all tracks are available you will get to vote on which ones should be in the album. Based on everyone who votes I’ll count the MOST WANTED TRACKS and that ones WILL MAKE IT TO THE ALBUM. The process will take about 3 to 4 months. Additionaly, a micropoem and image will be also made to illustrate each piece of music. Finally, I also have setup a donation scheme, so feel free to donate whatever amount of money you feel like. The donated money will be used for music making (ex: mastering & physical editions). ENJOY THE MUSIC, THE WORDS & THE IMAGES

Benjamin Dauer – Burning of Wine – out now on Distance Recs

Benjamin Dauer’s debut ambient album, “Burning of Wine”, is out now on Distance Recordings – available as a FREE download.

Benjamin will be on the upcoming Relaxed Machinery – Sleep Mode compilation. I’m very happy he’s a part of Relaxed Machinery and very pleased to see Burning of Wine released, I’ve heard it many times and highly recommend it!



From Distance Recordings:

Benjamin Dauer is a Washington, D.C based musician and composer who has most recently been working on scores for choreographed modern dance pieces. He has previously released on Distance as part of the duo Offsets, a long distance collaboration with Scottish musician Dominic Dixon.

‘Burning of Wine’ is his debut album under his own name and was recorded especially for Distance. The album is both spacious and subdued, and this is contrasted with moments of dense sonic intensity. Benjamin combines digital sounds with occasional processed field recordings and subtle swells from the bass guitar, his main instrument, creating a well balanced contrast between organic and inorganic textures. The deep sub bass pulses, digital drones and high frequency melodic turns already present throughout the album have all been given further emphasis by the mastering treatment carried out by James Plotkin, whose previous clients have included: Sunn 0))), Earth, Nadja and Fennesz.

Headphone listening especially recommended.

All songs by Benjamin Dauer
Mastered by James Plotkin
Photography/Textures courtesy of Ed Fladung, Christopher Redmond & Michelle Brand

Download the full album in hi-res mp3 (320kbps) or FLAC:

Steve Brand on Somafm DroneZone June 2010 playlist

Congratulations to Steve Brand for getting on both the “by spins” and “by listeners” charts for DroneZone! I’m very proud of Steve’s album on Relaxed Machinery – and love his albums on Hypnos and AtmoWorks. Steve is a consistently wonderful artist and person.


DroneZone for June 2010…

Top 30 Artists BY SPINS
1. Steve Roach (46)
2. Igneous Flame (23)
3. Cleveland Wehle (19)
4. Stephen Philips (18)
5. Stars of the Lid (17)
6. Solyaris (16)
7. Biosphere (15)
8. Robert Scott Thompson (15)
9. Harold Budd (14)
10. Jim Cole & Spectral Voices (13)
11. Cliff Martinez (13)
12. Dilate (12)
13. A Produce (11)
14. Vidna Obmana (10)
15. Maitreya (10)
16. Gas (10)
17. Igneous Flame, Achromus (9)
18. Seconds Before Awakening (9)
19. Rapoon (9)
20. Steve Brand (9)
21. Markus Guentner (8)
22. Resonant Drift (8)
23. Jim Cole (8)
24. Synthetic Mind Decay (8)
25. Cinema Volta (7)
26. Anomalous Distubances (7)
27. Chad Hoefler (7)
28. Terre Thaemlitz (7)
29. Arrocata (7)
30. Oophoi (7)

Top 30 Artists BY LISTENERS
1. Steve Roach (10845)
2. Igneous Flame (6064)
3. A Produce (5273)
4. Solyaris (4691)
5. Robert Scott Thompson (4254)
6. Dan Pound (4048)
7. Stephen Philips (3997)
8. Cleveland Wehle (3997)
9. Joel David Palmer (3925)
10. Stars of the Lid (3837)
11. Biosphere (3666)
12. Vidna Obmana (3571)
13. Jim Cole (3564)
14. Markus Guentner (3510)
15. Jim Cole & Spectral Voices (3355)
16. Harold Budd (3290)
17. Cliff Martinez (3168)
18. Exuviae (3141)
19. Vidna Obmana & Jeff Pearce (3137)
20. Igneous Flame, Achromus (2893)
21. Rapoon (2863)
22. Steve Brand (2784)
23. Oophoi (2620)
24. Terre Thaemlitz (2593)
25. Constance Demby (2490)
26. Dilate (2430)
27. Darkened Soul (2390)
28. Chad Hoefler (2377)
29. Galactic Anthems (2365)
30. Dan Barrio (2313)