Steve Brand – Song for Illumination

I stumbled across this video (actually it’s a still image) for a track off of Steve Brand – Awakensong which was self-released by Steve in 2007. It’s 11 minutes and worth the listen!

Buy the download if you’d like: Steve Brand on CD Baby

UPDATE: Unfortunately the youtube user decided to remove the video. Steve and I both thought it was cool – hopefully they’ll post it again! jkn

Change my artist name from Interstitial?

I’m pondering a shift from using my artist name “Interstitial” to using my real name from now on. To me, Interstitial was a great name and sort of defined the music I wrote at that time.

In the 1990’s I used to describe my own music as “ambient techno industrial piano” – which admittedly is a slightly odd combo and a little tongue in cheek. One of the main reasons I used Interstitial for a long time was because I thought of my music as “between genres”. I used to have on my website around 2001-2003 a “between” statement which I really liked at the time…

i n t e r s t i t i a l - t h e    s p a c e    b e t w e e n
          between art and technology
               ambient and pulse
            atmospheric and glitch
        piano and noise
    jazz and detroit

This kind of said everything about the music I wrote… some songs would blend different elements of these descriptions. Yes, it was a little pretentious, but it felt right.

Now that I’ve taken a five year break from recording music – what I’m writing and playing is a little different. I’m older. I’m exploring new feelings. I approach playing differently.

Maybe it’s time to drop the Interstitial name and simply be me.

Chris Russell

I’d like to welcome Chris Russell to Relaxed Machinery. He’ll be releasing an album called “Frozen” at some point in 2010 (date to be determined). I’ve been listening to it frequently this week and it’s truly excellent ambient work. He released two albums in 2009 on AtmoWorks: “Aralu” and “Merge”. ( Chris Russell at the AtmoWorks store )

I look forward to working with Chris in 2010!

.: Reminders! :.

Steve Brand – Circular Scriptures is scheduled for release on Jan 11, 2010. It will be available for download from CD Baby and as a CDR in the Hypnos store first… and later will roll out to iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, etc… We’re in the process of finalizing the release and it’s looking good for the 11th. Of course, things happen… it might be available a day or two earlier or a few days later. That’s ok!

The New Release and Official Label Launch party is set for 9 pm Central Time on on Jan 16, 2010 during the Zen Caffeine program hosted by David Herpich. A huge thank you to David and to StillStream for welcoming us and hosting the event! I’ll be in the chat room at StillStream during the show.