Steve Brand Listening Party this Friday!

Join us for a very special chat with Steve Brand this Friday night at 6 pm central at !!!




Please join us in chat! Last time we had well over 600 listeners world-wide and more than 25 in chat…it’s always a fun time to ask questions, comment on the music and meet and greet old and new friends.

Released 06 February 2015, Bandcamp ONLY, digital download and on Pro CDr in a full-color sleeve…
“Into The Current” is a 60 minute composition that stands as a document of, and tribute to, my experience at Steve Roach’s “SoundCurrent Master’s Class” in late September of 2007 at his then home and studio in Sonoita, Arizona. Myself and three other artists, Ben Garvie, Chad Kettering and Roy Mattson, spent a life-changing week immersed in the supportive and stimulating environment of Epona Equestrian Center and Roach’s Timeroom. During those few days, we ate great food, talked much, listened deeply, shared widely and slept a little. My sincere gratitude goes out to these four men for the experience they gave me—it was an utter privilege to share that depth of time, spirit and music with them all.

Field recordings, overtone flute, bass flute and keyboard textures are interwoven to create this serene and multilayered journey into soul and memories of warm desert breezes, shaded canyons, crisp mountain streams, cool nights and deeply rooted memories.

Thanks also to Peter James for his mastering magic.

All compositions and instruments, Brand. Mastering, Peter James. Dedicated to Steve, Ben, Chad, Roy, Sonoita and the Soundcurrent. Interior photo: Brand, Epona Equestrian Center/The Timeroom, Sonoita, Arizona, September 2007, ©sbrand2015

Steve Brand, Ishq – Spiritual Science – rerelease, rework, remaster

Very proud to announce the release of Steve Brand and Ishq – Spiritual Science on Pioneer Light.

Track List

1. Soft Temples | 24:13
2. Flame of Nuit |17:08
3. Nature is Sung | 34:05

4. The Voice from Home | 54:00

Re-mastered and re-worked by Brand at The Treehouse 2013-14, exclusive re-release on Bandcamp ONLY.

From the 2009 release notes:

Brand says, “I’d been an Ishq (Matt Hillier) fan for about 3-4 years. I found his music as part of my complete immersion in Ultimae material (Ishq kept showing up in the ‘If you like this, you’ll like this’ area of iTunes). I bought ‘Orchid’ and was hooked. I love Matt’s atmospheres and beats, the delicacy, expansiveness and expressiveness of feeling, and his intuitive and spiritual approach to music…really feels like home to me.

Matt had some free loops of his sounds on his site at that time and I couldn’t resist—I used some in a piece and sent the piece to him, Matt kindly responded. I then suggested a collaboration. He quickly sent me a entire DVD of unique material…and here we are..very easy and organic. I think everyone will really enjoy these disks which are a very nice mingling of our individual sounds; you can hear the Ishq influence, but overall, probably a bit of a darker journey than his own work, but still spacious, organic, emotive.”

Re-mastered by S. Brand 2013-2014 and re-released on Brand’s Pioneer Light Music label. Originally released on AtmoWorks 2009, re-mastered in 2012 for Pioneer Light.

Steve Brand Premiere on SomaFM Drone Zone – Oct 3


We are very proud to present Steve Brand’s newest release, The Space Between.  Even better?  Rusty at SomaFM is going to premiere the entire album at 8pm Eastern on Drone Zone!   – AND – We’ll all be in chat for a listening party!  Join us, won’t you?!?!



Times throughout the world:

Oct 3:

2:00 pm – Honolulu
5:00 pm – San Francisco
8:00 pm – New York 
9:00 pm – Rio de Janeiro

Oct 4:
1:00 am – London 
2:00 am – Berlin
3:00 am – Helsinki
4:00 am – Moscow

5:30 am – Mumbai 
8:00 am – Perth
9:00 am – Tokyo
10:00 am – Melbourne
Noon – Auckland