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Ctephin and Mystified

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Thomas Park, aka Mystified, makes amazingly diverse atmospheric music, spanning ambient, industrial, phonography, drone, and noise, among others. Mystified is for listeners with an ear for the experimental, and often dark or minimal, continually exploring texture and consistency. He has been featured in Spin magazine and is widely regarded as one of the most prolific electronic artists around. Thomas hails from Missouri in the USA.

Ctephin is a family of musicians from Oklahoma USA, consisting of "Stephen, Aedria and Kaylan", who focus on noise, field recordings, and sounds made with circuit bent toys and machines and the exercise drumaline. They like noise, from pure harsh sounds that hurt to the ambient drones of nature. They consider themselves "soundscape architects, ranging from wall of noise, to harsh, to ambient, to harsh ambient, to noise light, all in the same song".

Earth Mantra Releases By Ctephin and Mystified