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Carl Sagan's Ghost

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Daniel Davis fell in love with music at a very early age. His dad played guitar, and his memories of listening to Bob Dylan are some of his earliest recollections.

When he was in fourth grade, he had an epiphany brought on by the release of U2's The Unforgettable Fire. He still remembers the first time he listened to that tape, so filled with excitement that he just had to share it with someone. That album opened the door to Daniel's musical journey, and it also introduced him to two very important influences, Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno.

His first band was called Fish Paddle, while he was in high school, circa 1990. He and his friends were all into The Stone Roses, and so, one day at lunch, they decided to start a band. They went out and purchased instruments soon after, Daniel choosing the bass guitar.

His next effort was a ska band called Checkmate, part of the third-wave California ska movement. It was a fun time in his musical experience, with the opportunity to play with Letís Go Bowling, Bad Manners, Hep Cat, and Desmond ekker among others. Daniel says that he "was never really super into ska, but it is really fun to play".

He then joined a band called Flaming June with three other artists and moved to southern California to try "to make it and all that". But despite having great fun making music together, the band soon broke up.

Then in 1993, he purchased his first four-track recorder. Together with friends, he learned the ins and outs of home recording. According to Daniel, "It was then that I began work on my life-long project: a 20 album Box Set."

With a firm belief that artists should not devote their energy to only one style of music, Daniel has played many genres of music throughout his career, including ska, alt-rock, garage-rock, techno, space-rock, experimental and, of course, ambient. Whatever the style, he has always appreciated music that is densely textured and sonically interesting. This background and love for the diversity of all forms of music led Daniel to his superb ambient project, Carl Sagan's Ghost.

Earth Mantra is very proud to be bringing our listeners the music of this supremely talented artist, some of the best ambient music we've ever heard, and we hope to hear much more from Carl Sagan's Ghost in the future.

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