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Labrathisattva is a musical project created by Darrell Burgan (Palancar, Copal River, Cluster Balm, etc.) and Mike Metlay (Metlay!, mindSpiral, etc.). It chronicles the journey, both physical and spiritual, of Smoke and Spark, a pair of laboratory rats whose experiences have caused them to realize that they are on their way toward Enlightenment, following the path of the bodhisattvas.

The music of Labrathisattva bears some resemblance to the music of its two creators, as soloists and band members, but is conceptually unified and tends to follow a strict set of themes. The first album, The View From Down Here, follows these unlikely heroes as they escape from their cages and venture down into the tunnels and caverns, natural and manmade, far below their laboratory... a veritable world beneath the world.

Where they'll end up next remains to be seen, but Darrell and Mike hope you'll enjoy the sonic scriptures these two enlightened lab rats leave behind on their journey outward into Eternity.

Earth Mantra Releases By Labrathisattva