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Flute of the Fallen Tiger

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Flute of the Fallen Tiger is the collaborative experimental ambient music project of David Herpich and Darrell Burgan.

David Herpich is an accomplished experimental musician who holds degrees in music theory and composition from the University of Kansas, and who completed his master's degree in contemporary composition as a recipient of the University Graduate Fellowship Award at the University of South Florida in Tampa. At both institutions, he focused his studies on electronic music, working under Michael Timpson, Paul Reller, and Edward Mattila. In addition, Herpich has written award-winning works for acoustic ensembles, scored theatre, dance, and film productions, and lectured on the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen. He is currently the host of Zen Caffeine, a weekly program on the StillStream internet radio station.

Darrell Burgan is a prolific ambient artist hailing from Texas who releases electronic ambient music under the project name Palancar. He is also the founder and owner of internet radio station StillStream, commercial record label Blue Water Records, electronic soundware vendor Spirit Canyon Audio, and is a member of ambient groups Copal River, Cluster Balm, and Labrathisattva. He has also recorded and performed with mindSpiral, and with Different Skies. Finally, he is also the founder and owner of Earth Mantra Netlabel.

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