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Shane Morris and Dan Minoza

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Shane Morris is an ambient electronic musician residing in the Ozark Mountains outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA, who creates atmospheric polyrhythms and ethereal soundscapes in the ambient / tribal / space music domains. Inspired by trance-inducing rhythms, deep textural harmonies, and the juxtapositions of the natural and urban worlds, his music is a dynamic sojourn through textural sound-fields.

Dan Miñoza is an electro-acoustic musician and composer hailing from Philadelphia in the USA. Drawing inspiration from a diversity of genres including Indian Classical Dhrupad, ambient, space music, jazz, avant-garde, classical, noise and progressive rock he incorporates 8 string extended-range Warr guitar and laptop processing to create unique atmospheric soundscapes.

Earth Mantra Releases By Shane Morris and Dan Minoza