Earth Mantra Netlabel is a privately owned and operated music label. Our goal is to bring great ambient music to fans who might otherwise never hear our artists.

All of the music available via Earth Mantra is copyrighted and released under a Creative Commons license. Our releases are available only in digital form and are downloadable directly from our site.

Please note that any unauthorized use of our releases outside the scope of the terms granted in the Creative Commons license is prohibited by US federal law and international treaty.

In particular, please note that we use the BY-NC-ND variant of the Creative Commons license, which explicitly disallows derivative works. This means the license does not allow releases on Earth Mantra to be remixed, edited, sampled from, broken up, or changed in any way, regardless of whether the derivative work is intended to be released commercially or not. This is not to say that we discourage collaboration or remixing of our work, only that our license does not automatically give you the right to do so. Therefore, if you wish to create a derivative work based upon an Earth Mantra release, you must first contact the artist for appropriate permission, something you can easily do from each release page on our site.

Also note that, to the best of our knowledge, all of our releases are free of any third party licensing issues. For example, some of the tracks on some of our releases may include third party samples or libraries, whether as incidental sound fx or as a core part of the music. We insist that our artists obtain proper permission to use any third party products. However, it is not possible for us to detect or prevent all possible licensing questions, and both we and our artists are human - meaning we sometimes make mistakes too. If you are a third party and believe we have violated your rights or licensing terms, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to resolve the situation promptly.

We support the notion of freedom of speech, and to that end we place few restrictions upon our artists in terms of the types of content they may include or the message they are trying to communicate. However, Earth Mantra is not responsible for the message or content of any of our releases, nor does the message or content necessarily reflect the position of our owners or management.

If you have any questions about our policies or anything in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.