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Silvercord - Cronosleeps (2010)

Earth Mantra #earman157

Format:  320Kbps MP3
Number of tracks:  4
Genres:  Ambient, Electronic, Space Music

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Over the past few years, Earth Mantra has had the honor of re-releasing two classic albums by Geoff Nostrant of Silvercord. Today, we are privileged to bring our listeners a brand spanking new Silvercord album, with all new pieces never before heard and never before made available anywhere. And what a breathtaking treat we have in store.

Fans of Earth Mantra will know that we hold the music of Silvercord in very high esteem indeed, having praised it as some of the best ambient space music we have ever heard at any level. Happily, we can report that Cronosleeps not only lives up to Geoff's extraordinarily high standards, but brings a fresh new dimension to his rapturous musical point of view that elevates the bar even further.

Geoff Nostrant has always focused his art on the most uplifting and divine sounds imaginable, the kind of compositions that can unwind the most tense of people and seemingly trigger spontaneous out of body experiences, the kind of music one would expect to hear in heaven itself. In Cronosleeps, one can find plenty of celestial music and heavenly sound design, but there is much, much more here to enjoy. Between all of the enchantment and bliss, Geoff has layered broad stretches of subtle reflection, even some sections of somberness and introspection, employing some of the most effective use of dynamics that we have ever heard in ambient music. The compositional strength of this album is simply staggering.

Indeed, where previously Geoff's music always had a strong sense of romance and ecstasy, of sheer joy bursting forth and enveloping the listener, with Cronosleeps he focuses much more on contemplation, a perhaps more mature presentation of not only the happiest of feelings, but all of the emotional richness that makes us human, even the darker and more intense states of being. As a result, his work speaks more deeply and with greater authority than ever before, grabbing the listener firmly by the shoulders and demanding full attention to the astonishing music being shared. Simply put, this is a masterpiece, by any measure one can imagine.

We never would have thought it possible for Geoff Nostrant to exceed his previous work so completely, and yet with Cronosleeps such a conclusion is inescapable. Silvercord is surely one of the greatest ambient artists making music today, and we at Earth Mantra are exceptionally proud to be able to bring his music to our listeners. Certainly one of the top albums of 2010, and in our view, nothing less than music for the ages.

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January 03, 2011 - George L Smyth
Wonderful music - I've featured it on an upcoming Sounds Of Ambience show (http://soundsofambience.com/).

December 30, 2010 - Gratified
Pure, A+ ambient music. The best ambient I've downloaded from this site, though I haven't browsed it all yet. Silvercord has released great material, but Cronosleeps is the most satisfying, most mature work yet. Bravo.

December 21, 2010 - Mystified
Some very nice, open sounds, sometimes gentle, sometimes vast. Good stuff to put on when the stars are out. Sure to bring on sweet dreams.