Promo Requests

If you…

+ have a radio program – whether internet, terrestial, or satellite
+ have a podcast.
+ review music for a blog, website, magazine, webzine, or any other word ending in zine.
+ think me giving you a free copy will spread good musical karma.

…tell me why at [ jkn at johei dot com ]

The normal promo package will include the full album in 320 kbps mp3 (fully tagged), a pdf press release with info on the album, artist bio and selected discog, and label info.  

If you only accept physical copies – a cdr can be arranged – however, I’m very limited in the number of cdr’s I’ll send out.  If you’re one of those awesome people that often buy copies of releases and then play them on your radio program or write reviews, email me and maybe we can work out a reduced promo cost for the cdr.

If you already know me and want to make sure you’re on my list… just yell.  😉

[ jkn at johei dot com ]

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