Arbee & Specta Ciera – Elemental Gathering [rM_0041]

March 2014

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Release Info

“We have both collaborated online without ever meeting other than sharing like minded sounds on soundcloud & other online sites. after deciding on working together on an ambient project, we quickly started to share sounds that went in many different directions and our combined sounds soon started to form a very interesting combination of styles including techno, drone, experimental, dub techno, and so on. thus elemental gathering wrapped up that feeling of many different styles coming together to form something as well as doing it as a collab. while this is the first release of our works as a team, there will certainly be much more on the way.”

Track List

1. Forest Floor [3:10]
2. En Pleine Ascension [4:32]
3. See Ya Around [3:26]
4. Turn Around [4:00]
5. Pomme Grenade [3:11]
6. Decorations [3:50]
7. Le Bruit Court [3:49]



Written and Produced by Devin Underwood and Mathieu Lamontagne
Mastered by Devin Underwood
Picture by Devin Underwood
Design by Steve Brand

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