Chris Russell – Frozen [rM_0003]

July 2010

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Frozen recalls the stillness and silence of a winter snowfall transitioning into spring, celebrating the rebirth and renewal of life.

In Chris’ words: “I always look forward to the winter solstice for the solitude and chance for renewal that it brings. As soon as the snow falls, I usually hunker down for months and long recording sessions take place. For the album Frozen I wanted to get a head start and had to go to a headspace to create these frigid sound zones. I have many pictures and memories of winter so it was not hard to do – the music came drifting out. I tried to create sonically the stillness and silence of the winter snowfall. Also, the passage into the beginning of spring the rebirth and renewal of life.”

Frozen was recorded between June 2009 and March 2010. Mixed and recorded by the artist.

Photography: Chris Russell

Design: Steve Brand

Track List

1. aurora [6:42]
2. thaw [7:19]
3. time lost [7:45]
4. tundra [8:41]
5. numb [9:19]
6. frozen [4:02]
7. otzi [11:52]
8. slowly drifting [6:43]


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