Chronotope Project – Event Horizon [rM_0033]

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Chronos=time. Topos=space. The music of Chronotope Project (Jeffrey Ericson Allen) bridges time and space with immersive soundscapes that invite the listener to discover intimate connections between consciousness and experience.

The album bears comparison to the cosmic phenomenon of the event horizon: the boundary surrounding a black hole representing its point of “no return.” Each of the nine tracks—averaging around seven minutes in duration—has a strong sense of gravimetric pull toward a central motif, which enters the soundfield, evolves with the structure, then dissolves back into silence. The textures blend elements common to the art of Chronotope Project: an earthy foundation of sustained drones and rich chordal soundbeds, flowing watery melodies, the scintillating sparkle of fiery sequences, arpeggios and percussive inflections, and the etheric and mysterious veils that surround and envelop the texture.

Track List

1. Unwinding the Dream [6:11]
2. Akashic Love Songs [7:17]
3. Arecibo [4:39]
4. No Birth, No Death [10:14]
5. The Temple Bell Fades [5:19]
6. Automatic Writing [6:57]
7. Geosynchronous [5:26]
8. Event Horizon [6:29]
9. The Path of Least Resistance [5:13]


[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Unwinding the Dream (preview)@rM0033-01.mp3,
Akashic Love Songs (preview)@rM0033-02.mp3,
Arecibo (preview)@rM0033-03.mp3,
No Birth No Death (preview)@rM0033-04.mp3,
The Temple Bell Fades (preview)@rM0033-05.mp3,
Automatic Writing (preview)@rM0033-06.mp3,
Geosynchronous (preview)@rM0033-07.mp3,
Event Horizon (preview)@rM0033-08.mp3,
The Path of Least Resistance (preview)@rM0033-09.mp3″]


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