Frore – Shadowlands [rM_0035]

March 2013

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We’re very excited that Paul Casper/Frore is releasing with Relaxed Machinery. Sophisticated, moody, haunting and tribal, “Shadowlands,” 5 long tracks are brimming with loping, pulsing rhythms, distant voices, muted flutes, and dense, smoky textures…it’s a wonderful album…and falls right in line with “The Raven” and “Axis Mundi,” two of his previous albums. – Steve Brand

Shadowlands (for me) is about the lost space somewhere between reality and my imagination.

A place where modern and ancient coexist and shadows almost always win in the battle against light.

I’ve used various synths and software along with Tibetan singing bowls, rain-stick, didgeridoo, shakuhachi, fujara, shells, rocks, theremin, razor clam shells, mandolin, Armenian duduk, drum machines, vases, bottles and anything that makes a noise. I hope you enjoy getting lost in Shadowlands as much as I did creating it.

– Paul Casper aka Frore

Track List

1. Sky Glow [10:19]
2. Terra Pulse [11:07]
3. A Fevered Sleep [18:59]
4. First Ray of Light [9:04]
5. A Name on the Wind [8:14]


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