Massergy – A Novel Sense of Calm [rM_0054]

Sep 2015


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Captured in Austin, Texas 2015. Nocturnally improvised and recorded in an undisclosed nature preserve. All sounds are true to the original performances and have not been treated in a studio. Anomalies and imperfections were left intact. No software was used to generate or alter this music. No sequencers, loops or stretchers were employed. No post-effects were added and no compression or limiting was applied.

A Novel Sense of Calm was inspired by the passing of my younger brother. In my culture, death is embraced and celebrated as an important phase of life. It’s customary to give ofrendas or offerings to the dead in the form of food, drink or other tokens to refresh the spirits and ease the burden of their journey. This album is an ofrenda to my brother, his guidebook for traveling in the hereafter and a soundtrack to the lucid dreams I share with him.


1. Mile Marker 4 [5:32]
2. Guided by Sparrows [12:04]
3. Phenakistoscope [6:00]
4. Dusk Affinity [7:12]
5. Reed Fields Eternal [12:40]
6. A Novel Sense of Calm [13:13]
7. M-119 [3:23]
8. Archaism [6:20]
9. The Venial Son [13:02]
10. Never Perhaps [8:00]


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