Max Corbacho – Lost Links [rM_0018]

June 2011

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Release Info

Deleted, unreleased and forgotten tracks.

All these pieces were created to appear on previously published albums. For various reasons, they were not included, and remained in my archives. I usually do not delete any of my pieces; I know that, at some point, simply because of the passing of time, they acquire a special character, and their time to be revealed appears.

All tracks produced by Max Corbacho between 2003 and 2009, Barcelona, Spain.
Max Corbacho: Sequencing, synthesizers and atmospheres.
Cover image created by Max Corbacho with Apophysis software.

All music Copyright © 2011 Max Corbacho/SGAE
All Rights Reserved. Released by ad21music (Spain) & Relaxed Machinery

Sincere gratitude to John, Geoff, Steve, Greg and all from Relaxed Machinery.
Special thanks to Bruno, Ximena & Ran Kirlian at ad21music.
Very Special thanks to my wife Loli for love & support.

Track List

1. Earthflow Trance [7:19]
2. Sky Resonance [6:07]
3. Third Exposure [5:41]
4. One True Light [16:12]
5. Mandala [12:33]
6. After Dream [5:54]
7. Slow Thunder [13:15]


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