Robert Scott Thompson – Arcana [rM_0039]

April 2014

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With Arcana, Robert Scott Thompson delivers a carefully crafted, subtly nuanced ambient album. Languidly drifting textures, prepared piano, and an array of synthesized and acoustic sounds make this a rewarding listen.

From the Artist

“My most recent album, Arcana, is in what I sometimes describe as the “classical ambient” style. By this I mean a more a traditional type of ambient music, rooted in the origins of the genre, that eschews to a large extent beat-driven architectures. While there are elements of percussion on this album, including prepared piano, the main style of the music is one of languorous drift, crafted nuance and subtle design. In some ways, my ideas for musical structures in Arcana are referential of modern chamber music. Of course, I use an extended sonic palate here. One that invites melodic lines, harmonic possibilities and chord structures into a context together with more abstract sounds derived from synthesis and also from the transformation of acoustic sound sources.

I always try to create recordings that invite listening at different levels of perspective – from rapt attention to casual regard. Arcana shares a kinship with some of my previous recordings in this sense, such as The Silent Shore, Frontier and At the Still Point of the Turning World. It is my hope that close listening will reveal subtle layers of detail that on first listening might be missed and that a longer engagement with the album might bring the listener a reward in discovery.” – Robert Scott Thompson

Track List

1. Liminal Worlds [5:32]
2. Imagination is Memory [3:15]
3. Night Has A Thousand Eyes [9:45]
4. Arcana [11:48]
5. Unwoven [9:09]
6. Epoché [8:34]
7. Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight [08:18]
8. In Situ [7:45]
9. Waning in the Glow of Unknowns [5:59]



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