Roy Mattson – Mesmer [rM_0051]

May 2015


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Mesmer is really an album to be listened to at night around a campfire or stargazing; enhancing and complimenting the nightly world while you stare into the fire, the stars simmer above, the trees whisper old secrets, and your shadow joins the procession of spirits into the unknown in search of the great mystery. It has hints of tribal and ethno-ambient music mixed with a strong dose of psychedelia. The intent in creating this album was to convey the altered sense and perception that I experience in the evening hours when I am out in nature. There is a certain sense of balance of intimacy and grandeur in the night…one of the main feelings I wanted to capture in this music.


1. Mesmerized [7:07] 2. Above a Darkened Earth [11:08] 3. Feathered Night [9:07] 4. Quietude [8:35] 5. Invitations and Consolations [5:07] 6. Dilating Moon [7:19] 7. Tending the Embers [6:19] 8. Shelter 19 [9:07] 9. A Brighter Midnight [10:40] 10. Evenings of Wander [5:42]


cover art: thanks to jyrki salmi and bill majoros for the use of their images in creating the cover art. the owl is attributed to b. majoros, and the woods are attributed to j. salmi. the two images were blended, cropped, and a black and white filter was added by roy mattson jyrki salmi: “poison green forest” web address: bill majoros: “barn owl 26” web address: CC BY-SA 2.0 wallpaper “night of fire” photo by warren lynn image was cropped and a black and white filter was added by roy mattson thanks to dave dewolf- additional flutes track 8 additional field recordings: owls – by kevin boucher sound clip shortened and slight reverb added by roy mattson tree frogs- by chris castiglione slight reverb was added by roy mattson spring peepers – bud jillet slight reverb was added by roy mattson mastering by peter james


Wall Paper