SiJ – Plaentagose [rM_0050]

April 2015


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relaxedMACHINERY is excited to welcome a new artist to our label, SiJ. SiJ is Vladislav Sikach, a Russian ambient and electronic composer who has been releasing on a number of netlabels for several years. On “Plæntágose” (pronounced “plentagous”), Vlad has created a suite of sparsely decorated vignettes – postcards of moments on a long stretch of highway. There is an air of slow time here that will pull you onward from track to track only to begin again at the end. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. rM


1. Plaentagose [09:22]
2. Aksaminero [04:14]
3. Sijaerid [03:30]
4. Luemaeriscit (with Tanya Lieben) [07:50]
5. Sebaestos [06:13]
6. Kelokairoeni [07:45]
7. Koyapoeweatsi [04:38]
8. AEridastoemasi [05:47]
9. Fonaester (with Textere Oris) [05:43]
10. Pliruecasta (with Particula) [03:48]
11. Ambaeriscit (with Endless Melancholy) [06:47]
12. Ambreparume (with Creation VI) [07:59]
13. Heripoghys [06:20]


All tracks written, mixed and mastered by Vladislav Sikach in 2014-2015.
Exept track 9 mixed and mastered by Ilya Fursov.

Track 4 is vocal version “Shine of Light” with Tanya Lieben. Original track appears on “The Brink of Time”.
Track 9 is original track written for upcoming collaborate album with Textere Oris.
Track 11 is remixed version of track “Amber” written by Endless Melancholy for his album “Ambermixes”.
Track 12 is remixed version of track “It was before…” written by Creation VI for his album “It was before…”.

Synthesizer/keyboards, field recordings & contact microphones, noises, guitar, percussion, toy piano, voice by Vladislav Sikach.

For provided materials special thanks to Anna Sikach, Tanya Lieben, Stanislav ToSo (Particula), Ilya Fursov (Textere Oris), Oleksiy Sakevych (Endless Melancholy), Tim Six (Creation VI), Vadim Grin (Dream Twice), John Hootman (Vir Unis), Tim Kahn (Corsica_S), Patrick Lieberkind.

Painting by Anna Sikach



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