Steve Brand – Because We Were Once Covered in Gold [pl0011]

February 2014

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Because We Were Once Covered in Gold was one of my first releases on the AtmoWorks label in 2009. With this release, I felt I had touched on a uniquely personal feeling that was all my own…grand, sweeping, even mirky at times, yet intimate and yielding. Before beginning this album, I can remember reading someplace that there was specualation that the pyramids at Giza were once entirely plated in gold and that this site was dazzling, blinding, in the noon-day sun—in fact, there were times when those viewing them could not look upon them. This is idea fascinated me…I couldn’t let go of it.

The title inspiration, and really, the inspiration for the entire album was centered on the idea that I intuitively feel that we once had direct access to our natural state of being. Early versions of civilizations in which we possessed this kind of conscious have come and gone— these civilizations are remembered in our legends and deep in our consciousness. This state of being is whole, connected, limitless, expanded, capable, trusting, imminently creative. It is my conviction that this consciousness is coming to the forefront again, but in a new way that has never been seen before anywhere. We are collectively travelling into new realms of being.

All tracks and elements were recorded at The Treehouse from 2007-2009, and re-visited, re-worked and re-mastered from 2011-2013. Keyboards, bells, glass, prayer bowls and field recordings were used to create these tracks. The basic elements for the track, “Flame of Transformation,” were created at Steve Roach’s Into The Soundcurrent workshop in Sonoita, Arizona in 2007. Other elements from those sessions were created and subsequently used on my Hypnos Secret Sounds release, “Children Of Alcyone.”

Track List

1. Because We Were Once Covered in Gold [15:47]
2. Like Water to the Lowest of Places [10:22]
3. Womb of Stars [16:50]
4. Flame of Transformation [15:30]
5. We Could Not Be Viewed with the Naked Eye [11:13]


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