Steve Brand – She Covers The Sky [pl0014]

September 2013

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I’ve been revisiting, reworking and remastering my 2009 AtmoWorks release, “She Covers The Sky.” The original release fell through the cracks to ultimately disappear completely. I knew two years ago that I had to rerelease this album, but I wanted to give it and my other releases plenty of time, and I’m glad I did: one track, “Creation…” has been entirely replaced by a new one, “Ovum,” 20 minutes of ceremonial atmosphere, featuring didg, bells, gongs, clay flute, voice, whistles and keyboard. The track, “Coverer Of The Sky,” was extended. And, an additional track has been added, “Womb of Earth,” to round this album out to nearly 78 minutes.

Originally, SCS was created to honor the divine feminine, which is said by many to be making it’s way back to a place of prominence on Earth—balancing the heavily male energy that has been in place for millennia. The dominant notes here are fluidity, fecundity, flow, and flexibility—and a lot of sounds from Mother Earth herself.

Track List

1. Beginning Of A New Phase, Restoration* [22:07]
2. The Eternal She** [14:05]
3. Ovum [20:00]
4. Coverer Of The Sky** [15:44]
5. Womb Of Earth [5:26]

*Additional on intro: Matt Hiller/Ishq
**Rain, chimes and surf sounds: Charity Masters/Holon


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