Steve Brand – Subtle Movements Inside [rM0011]

November 2011


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Release Info

“Subtle Movements Inside,” was inspired after re-visiting a group of old poems and by recent events in my life. Increasingly, I’m convinced that our lives are changed not so much by outer events, or profound revelations, but if we’re sensitive and attuned to it, by the subtle migration of thought and feeling—subtle movements inside.

The final track on this group of songs, “Our Wilderness of Heart,” includes a contribution of treated guitar from Bobby Jones/i’ve lost which takes the emotional top. Thanks to Bobby for agreeing to be a part of this release. 5 atmospheric tracks that include keyboard, thumb piano, shakers, voice, overtone flute, bass flute, guitar and field recordings.

Track List

1. Holding the Light [19:00]
2. Lit from the Original Flame [8:00]
3. A Certain Restlessness of Soul [23:02]
4. Subtle Movements Inside [8:16]
5. Our Wilderness of Heart [19:16]


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Track Notes

Holding the Light

Since I first began this track, my thinking about it’s subject matter has changed. I might title it now, “Letting Go of the Light,” or “Handing Over the Light.” The inspiration here is the idea that certain of us hold the space (or hold the light) in various situations allowing change for greater potentials. Some believe that it is a roll we’ve chosen to play at this time, but also that it’s time that we hand that role over, and create change for ourselves instead. I like that idea. The flute at the end is calling us to those new ideas, new roles, new potentials, away from the restrictions of the past..

Lit from the Original Flame

Composed entirely of bass flute. Some might recognize this as the food for the opening track of my recent collaboration with Disturbed Earth, and it is, in it’s original form as I first created it. The tracks name is self-explanatory, and also explains the longing that fills this piece.

A Certain Restlessness of Soul

My favorite aspect of this piece is the way it evolves and shifts in mood and feeling. For me, there is indeed a feeling of restlessness here, but restlessness isn’t necessarily a state of discomfort, but one of a natural compulsion to know what is beyond the things we think we know. The piece begins with quiet utterances, disembodied whispers, from other places, other times, urging. They seem to be compelling the listener to search, to investigate their origins. This eventually opens into expanses, unknown territories, undiscovered landscapes where there is no path to follow. Somewhat inspired by Ives’ “Unanswered Question,” a theme returns over and over, like a question that demands to be answered.

Subtle Movements Inside

This piece is one of my favorites on SMI and lightens things up a bit. Increasingly, I’m convinced that our lives are changed not so much by outer events, or profound revelations, but if we’re sensitive and attuned to it, by the subtle migration of thought and feeling—subtle movements inside. All we need do is be aware of the changes, pay attention to our feelings, and move with those changes. This piece is partially achieved with an iPad generative music app that randomly creates music using the interaction of simple shapes, I felt that this was the perfect aural expression of this idea.

Our Wilderness of Heart

The closing track of SMI. The essential base for this track was created in an evening of improvising. Feeling was high that evening. While the SMI title track is buoyant at times, overall feeling is pastoral, expansive, relaxing, meditative. A gentle loop opens the nearly 20 minute song. Gradually, you can hear Bobby Jone’s guitar peeking through the mix. I uploaded the “finished” mix to Bobby to add to as he wished. The subtle, siren-like voice of his guitar deepens the feeling and dimension of the piece, adding a richness of feeling that the piece didn’t possess without it. There is sort of a dual meaning in this piece. For many of us, the heart, feeling, intuition, is/are undiscovered territory, however we are all being gradually compelled to follow it’s song. At the same time, the emotions, feelings and potentials created by doing so, open new dimensions in being a Human at this time, which we are beginning to see manifest around us. This track to me, imparts the essential feeling and message of these times, and is my tribute to the spirit of 11-11-11…permission for change.


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